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Our Partners

Bâtir un Avenir has several partners in British Columbia and maintains close ties not only with Francophone education advocacy groups across Canada, but also on an international scale.

BC Public School Employer’s Association Logo

BC Public School Employer’s Association

BCPSEA supports public education through innovative human resource practices, services, and partnerships. As the accredited bargaining agent for the province's 60 public boards of education, they offer a wide range of HR services, focusing on developing, coordinating, and facilitating best HR practices.

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Canadian Heritage Logo

Government of Canada: Canadian Heritage

Canadian Heritage is a federal government department in Canada responsible for cultural and heritage matters. They provide funding for initiatives supporting the vitality and development of the francophone community, promoting French language, and enhancing cultural diversity.

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Logo of the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care

BC Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education of British Columbia oversees education from kindergarten to 12th grade in the province, establishing policies, curriculum, and standards to ensure quality learning for students. It collaborates with schools, allocates funds, and promotes innovation in education to support students' success.

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