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Career Pathways In BC Education

No matter what stage you are in your career as a French teacher, there are exciting job options across BC. Find out more below.

Canadian Trained Teachers
If you've trained in Canada, having a French teaching specialization can create many rewarding career opportunities. You can look at potential options in public schools, private schools, and leadership positions.
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Internationally Educated Teachers
Your experience and expertise in teaching French is a start to your career in Canadian classrooms. You can also take additional training and gain certifications while you focus on teaching French.
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Graduating Students
You can use your specialization in French education to start your career in teaching. Gain experience, and over time, you can move into senior positions in curriculum development and French language administration.
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As a student, you can take several paths to prepare for your new career teaching French. A few options include the traditional bachelor of education degree, as well as additional vocational training and online courses.
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