Canadian Trained Teacher: Guide to Teach in French in BC
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Canadian Trained Teachers

Here’s what you need to know as a Canadian teacher if you are looking to start a career teaching French in BC.

You must hold a valid teaching certificate from your home province or territory. If you are from BC, this would be a BC teaching certificate, also known as a Certificate of Qualification. 

If you are from another province, you need to transfer your certification to BC. You need to submit your certificate to the Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) to be officially transferred.

When applying to become a French teacher in British Columbia, your qualifications and previous teaching experience play a significant role. Your teaching experience, especially in French language education, will be a valuable asset when seeking a position in a BC school district.

To teach in a public school in British Columbia, you need certification from the Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB). If you are not certified in BC, apply for certification with the TRB. If you have a valid teaching certificate from your home province, transfer it to the TRB.

After obtaining the COQ, also request your TQS card to determine your compensation based on experience and qualifications.

You can begin searching for teaching positions in French language schools or programs within BC school districts. When you find the perfect area for you, you will need to apply on Make A Future platform to the job postings that interest you. 

The job posting will be as detailed as possible to guide you through the hiring process, which may include thorough interviews that assess your teaching experience, language proficiency, and teaching methods.

Preparing thoroughly for the interview process is essential. Revisit your teaching experience, align your teaching philosophy with BC’s educational goals, and be ready to discuss your approach to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment. 

Demonstrating your passion for teaching and your adaptability to the specific needs of the school district will improve your chances of securing a French teaching position.

When referencing your teaching experience, consider including references from previous employers or colleagues who can attest to your teaching abilities, especially in the context of French education. Strong references can further validate your qualifications during the interview process.

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