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Graduating Students

Getting close to completing your Teacher Education Program and would like to teach French in BC? Here’s what you’ll need to do first.

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you’ll need to apply to an accredited Teacher Education Program offered at a University. These programs are typically 12-16 months. This step is essential to ensure you gain the necessary theoretical and practical skills and knowledge required for a career in education.

Once you graduate, obtain your teaching certification from the TRB. Then, apply for a TQS card, a key tool for determining your salary based on experience and qualifications in British Columbia.

Gaining your teaching certification is the recognition that you have met the province’s rigorous standards to be eligible for teaching positions in local schools.

To become a French teacher in British Columbia, you need to be fluent in both French and English. 

You can take a standardized language proficiency test, such as TEF, DELF (for French), IELTS, and TOEFL (for English) to verify your fluency.

After completing your teaching certification, it’s essential that you actively engage in ongoing professional development to enhance your French teaching skills and stay up-to date on leading educational practices.

Teachers are required to strictly follow the standards and code of ethics set by the British Columbia College of Teachers, which ensures professional conduct, safe teaching environments, and quality education.

Candidates must undergo a mandatory criminal record check to ensure the safety of students and confirm their eligibility to work in educational settings.


As an aspiring French teacher in BC, you’ll gain important classroom experience through a supervised work practicum. In the practicum, you’ll have hands-on teaching opportunities working under the guidance of experienced educators.

When you’re ready, start actively applying for French teaching positions in school districts across British Columbia on the Make a Future Platform. Be sure to look for opportunities that match your qualifications and teaching interests.

Once you get a position and start to gain experience, ensure you remember to undertake professional growth and development, which can include attending workshops and taking courses to keep on top of best practices in the profession.

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