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Learn more about what you’ll need to become a French teacher in BC if you are a current university student.

A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for teacher certification in British Columbia. If your goal is to become a French teacher, your degree should be in French, French education, or a teachable related field. 

To become a qualified French teacher, you must complete an accredited teacher education program. In British Columbia, the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) program is offered at several universities and is a popular choice for future teachers.  

When selecting a teacher education program, ensure you pick one that offers a specialization in French education, if available. This specialized training will help you build the skills you need to teach French effectively.

To become a certified teacher in British Columbia, you need to be fluent in both French and English. You can take a standardized language proficiency test, such as TEF, DELF (for French), IELTS, and TOEFL (for English) to verify your fluency. 

Aspiring French teachers in British Columbia follow these steps:

  • Criminal Record Check: Ensure eligibility to work with children through a mandatory criminal record check.
  • Student Teaching Practicum: Gain practical experience in a supervised student teaching practicum during your teacher education program.
  • Teacher Certification Application: Apply for teacher certification through the Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB) after completing your education program.
  • TQS Card Application: Obtain the Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) card after certification to determine your remuneration based on experience and qualifications.

Use the Make a Future platform to search for teaching jobs in all regions of British Columbia.

Once you get a position, focus on gaining teaching experience and participate in professional development and training opportunities to enhance your skills.

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