For evaluating international credentials / degrees, consider utilizing services provided by reputable organizations specializing in credential assessment. You may choose from the following options:


  1. Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

Offers evaluation of international academic credentials to Canadian standards.

Delay: Generally, takes several weeks to a few months for completion.

Cost: Fees typically range from approximately $200 to $300 CAD.


  1. International Credential Assessment Service of Canada

Provides assessments for education, immigration, employment, and professional certification purposes.

Delay: Processing times vary but can take a few months.

Cost: Fees range from around $200 to $300 CAD per credential.


  1. World Education Services

Evaluates international academic credentials for education and employment in Canada or the U.S.

Delay: Processing times range from several weeks.

Cost: Fees start around $200 USD and may vary based on additional services requested.


  1. International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)

Assesses international credentials for immigration, employment, or further education purposes, particularly in Alberta.

Delay: Processing times generally take several months.

Cost: Fees vary but typically start around $200 to $300 CAD per assessment.


  1. International Credential Evaluation Service – British Columbia Institute of Technology

Offers assessments for academic, employment, or professional certification purposes in British Columbia.

Delay: Processing times takes several weeks.

Cost: Fees start at approximately $200 CAD and may vary depending on specific requirements.


We recommend contacting your university’s administration or academic programs in advance to initiate this process. The duration of assessment may vary depending on your institution and the chosen evaluation service. It’s crucial to directly request your transcripts (official documentation of course marks and credits earned from a post-secondary institution) and credentials (official documents indicating program completion or academic level, often a certificate, diploma, or degree) for assessment purposes.


Please note that the assessment process might take several months or weeks, so initiating it in advance is advisable to avoid any delays in your educational or professional pursuits.