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Teach in French in BC

There are four different French programs offered by the K-12 school system in British Columbia. Learn more about them here.

As a French teacher in BC, you’ll use your expertise with the French language to create a love of bilingualism and appreciation for Francophone culture in the next generation of students.

Explore the incredible opportunities for teaching French in BC public schools! Learn from experienced French immersion and French Core teachers across the province as they relate their firsthand experience. Find the ideal teaching job in British Columbia to elevate your career and match your lifestyle. Learn more about teaching French in British Columbia:

Each of the four French programs in BC offers unique ways to instill French language knowledge while also passing along the richness and value of a second language.

Core French
Starting in Grade 5, students develop communication abilities in French and an understanding and appreciation of Francophonie and what it brings to Canada.
Intensive French
This accelerated program is offered in some districts for students in Grades 6-7 and helps students’ spoken and written proficiency in French on a short timeline.
French Immersion
Students gain an understanding of French language and culture and become bilingual. There are two streams: Early French Immersion, starting in Kindergarten or Grade 1, and Late French Immersion, which begins in Grade 6.
Francophone Program
Conseil Scolaire Francophone (CSF) offers the Francophone Program at select schools. Classroom instruction is conducted entirely in French and within a Francophone environment.

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