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BC Teaching Curriculum

The Core Competencies, essential learning and literacy and numeracy foundations are the focal points of BC’s Teaching Curriculum. These features all contribute to deeper learning.

The Four Components

British Columbia’s redesigned Curriculum maintains a focus on sound foundations of literacy and numeracy while supporting the development of students who are strong thinkers and communicators while being personally and socially competent in all areas of their lives. 

The curriculum honours the ways students think, learn, and grow, and prepares them for a successful lifetime of learning.


Students begin taking Core French in Grade 5, the Francophone Program, available at select schools, starting in Kindergarten, Early French Immersion in Kindergarten or Grade 1, and Late French Immersion in Grade 6. There is also Intensive French, for students Grades 6-7.
Each grade has Prescribed Learning Outcomes and Suggested Achievement Indicators, so you’ll know what your students should be learning at each grade level.

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Students receive instruction in both English and French in French Immersion programs, with most subjects initially taught in French. English language instruction gradually increases as students progress through the grades.

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The Curriculum accommodates diverse student needs, learning styles, and cultural backgrounds. It is a comprehensive and accessible program that promotes equity and fosters empathy in learners.

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Integrating Indigenous perspectives and culture is a vital part of the Curriculum. This inclusion involves a comprehensive approach, from incorporating Indigenous history, language, and art into various subjects.
The Curriculum aims to honor and celebrate Indigenous heritage while promoting a deeper understanding of their rich cultures and traditions, creating a more inclusive and diverse educational experience for all students in British Columbia.

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