Teach in French in Central BC

Central BC

A majestic tapestry of rugged wilderness

About Central BC

Central British Columbia offers diverse landscapes, ranging from lush rainforests in the west to expansive mountains, plains, and grasslands inland. Renowned for its “dude” ranches, equestrian culture, and affordability, the region boasts ample outdoor activities and is serviced by six public school district employers.


Central BC’s culture flourishes with abundant ranches, lively rodeos, and the Bowron Lake Provincial Park’s canoe circuits. Outdoor enthusiasts revel in hiking, biking, fishing, and skiing while experiencing Barkerville Historic Town’s heritage and Theatre Royal’s gold rush era shows.


In Central BC, a strong community bond thrives alongside a reliance on land for sustenance. The region’s mainstays are forestry and mining, while the University of Northern British Columbia stands out as a top-ranked small university in Western Canada according to Maclean’s magazine.

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