Teach in French in Fraser Valley BC

Fraser Valley

A perfect harmony of nature and community

About Fraser Valley

The region boasts a diverse landscape featuring fertile farmlands, vineyards, and serene rivers against the picturesque backdrop of the Cascade Mountains. It offers accessible outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and boating, all within reach of urban centers like Vancouver and Abbotsford. The region is served by five public school district employers, emphasizing its commitment to education and community development.


The culture of Fraser Valley thrives as an agricultural heartland, celebrating farming and agri-tourism through vibrant farmers’ markets and festive celebrations of harvests and agricultural traditions. This region boasts a strong Indigenous cultural presence alongside heritage sites, while also nurturing a thriving arts scene with galleries and theaters at its core.


The lifestyle in this region thrives on a strong sense of community within closely-knit neighborhoods, offering diverse job opportunities in agriculture and technology sectors. It serves as an education hub with esteemed schools and universities while emphasizing sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Balancing urban amenities with rural charm, the region promotes an active lifestyle for its residents.

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