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About Kootenay Region

Kootenay presents a diverse landscape featuring mountains, valleys, lakes, and rivers, hosting the renowned Kootenay National Park and various wilderness areas. Known for its natural beauty, the region offers abundant outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and fishing, showcasing rich biodiversity and ecological significance. Nestled amid picturesque surroundings, communities thrive here, supported by seven public school district employers, emphasizing the region’s commitment to education and community development.




The culture of the region embraces a harmonious blend of Indigenous heritage and pioneer history, evident in artisan communities showcasing local crafts and artwork. Festivals celebrating music, arts, and culture resonate throughout the region, complemented by historic mining towns preserving heritage sites. Outdoor activities are an integral part of daily life, reflecting the emphasis on an active lifestyle rooted in the region’s cultural fabric.


The region boasts a lifestyle immersed in nature and community spirit. With its breathtaking mountains, lakes, and valleys, it’s a haven for outdoor enthusiasts passionate about hiking, skiing, and fishing. Emphasizing education and communal growth, the region’s network of schools nurtures a strong sense of unity. It’s a vibrant area where residents treasure nature, prioritize education, and thrive within a closely-knit community.

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