Teach in French in Metro Vancouver BC

Metro Vancouver

A mosaic of diverse cultures, stunning natural beauty and urban sophistication

About Metro Vancouver

Metro Vancouver is an urban metropolitan area characterized by diverse neighborhoods, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Fraser River, with a stunning backdrop of the North Shore Mountains. It’s a blend of urban development, parks, and green spaces, offering a balance between city living and outdoor activities. The region is served by twelve public school district employers, reflecting its commitment to education and community growth.


The region serves as a cultural melting pot, celebrating a rich diversity of ethnicities and traditions. It boasts a vibrant arts and entertainment scene with theaters, galleries, and festivals, accompanied by a culinary tapestry showcasing a wide range of international cuisines. Embracing innovation and technology across various industries, Metro Vancouver also fosters a prominent sports culture, with teams in hockey, soccer, and more.


Metro Vancouver pulsates with a bustling urban lifestyle, offering a myriad of amenities and services. Its robust economy is propelled by sectors such as technology, finance, and film. The region provides numerous educational opportunities through multiple school districts, colleges, and universities. Emphasizing sustainability and eco-friendly initiatives, it boasts accessible public transportation and well-developed infrastructure, catering to a diverse and forward-thinking community.

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