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Vancouver Island & Sunshine Coast

Coastal beauty, diverse culture, and outdoor paradise.

About Vancouver Island & Sunshine Coast

This region encompasses diverse coastal landscapes featuring rugged shorelines, lush forests, and mountains alongside an abundance of beaches, lakes, and outdoor recreational opportunities such as hiking, kayaking, and fishing. Varied ecosystems support diverse flora and fauna, creating a scenic coastline with islands and a temperate climate that fosters natural beauty and tranquility. The area is serviced by fifteen public school district employers, emphasizing its dedication to education and community development.


The region places a significant emphasis on Indigenous heritage, hosting cultural events honoring First Nations traditions. Vibrant arts scenes featuring galleries, theaters, and festivals celebrate music, arts, and local craftsmanship. Celebrations of local seafood, culinary delights, and fresh produce are prevalent, alongside historical significance represented by sites like Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island and historical logging sites on the Sunshine Coast. Close-knit communities foster a strong sense of belonging among residents.


The coastal lifestyle promotes relaxation, wellness, sustainability, and engagement in outdoor activities. Economic activities including tourism, fishing, forestry, and marine industries support the region. Commitment to sustainability, environmental conservation, and eco-friendly practices is evident, ensuring access to healthcare, amenities, and services in both urban and rural areas, fostering a robust sense of community and overall well-being.


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